Diabetes Research Awarded U.C. Discovery Grant

SAN FRANCISCO, April 5, 2010 -- University of California - Irvine researcher Jonathan Lakey, PhD, has been awarded a UC Discovery grant. The Discovery grant recognizes highly meritorious research that addresses California's needs and is extremely competitive. Hanuman Medical Foundation, a San Francisco non-profit organization that supports innovative research, has added funds, bringing the total grant for Dr. Lakey’s research to $105,000.

The proposal, Islet Transplantation Using Alginate Sheet, is a collaboration with San Francisco-based Cerco Medical, whose scientists have invented the most widely used platelet separation device in clinical use. The research proposes to develop a technology that would provide stable blood glucose levels for insulin-dependent diabetics without the use of immunosuppressant drugs or injected insulin, presenting a functional cure for one of the world’s chronic diseases.

Scott King of Cerco Medical said, “More than 2.6 million Californians must inject insulin every day. The Discovery Grant will help to continue our ongoing research in pursuit of a functional cure for diabetes. We are grateful to Hanuman Medical Foundation and the UC Regents for their support."

For more information, visit: Solving Diabetes Project or Hanuman Medical Foundation.