Cerco Medical aims to make the most effective use of our medical team, collaborators, and advisors.


University of California, Irvine

In September, 2008, research on the Islet Sheet restarted after several years in suspension. This was made possible by two important developments. First, the Hanuman Medical Foundation awarded funding for a program for preclinical development of the Islet Sheet at UCI. Second, Jonathan Lakey, known for his work on the Edmonton Protocol while at the University of Alberta, was appointed Associate Clinical Professor at the UCI Medical Center Department of Surgery.

The Cerco Medical team has worked with Jon Lakey for many years and is delighted that he is now resident in our home state, California. We have been even more pleased over the last few weeks as we have become acquainted with his new colleagues. UCI has all the clinical, laboratory and analytical capabailites we at Cerco Medical could want.

To the right is the research management team meeting for the first time in August, 2008. At the top left is Jonathan R. T. Lakey, PhD, Director of Research, Department of Surgery at UCI, Associate Clinical Professor. At the top right is Randy Dorian, Cofounder of Cerco Medical, and the principal inventor of the Islet Sheet. Bottom left is Earl Steward, Manager, Research & Teaching in the Department of Surgery. Bottom right is Rick Storrs, PhD, Vice President of Research at Cerco Medical.