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Current For-profit Work

Scott King runs the Hanuman Medical Group, a leading biomedical invention house. Hanuman is a profitable group of private partnerships whose income is derived from patent royalties. Hanuman is the principal supplier of patented technology to Biomet Biologics, the leading company for autologous cell therapy technology. Cerco Medical is the leading developer of Cell Therapy devices that are both safe and effective.

Within Hanuman Scott is responsible for all executive, financial and intellectual property functions.

Music Composition

Scott King composes music. You can sample his work at the site devoted to The Passion and Dealth of Jesus according to the Gospels. He is collaborating with Christopher St. John on a new opera.

Past For-profit Work Highlights

11/91-9/93 Metabolex, Inc. Vice President, Technology Management. Metabolex performs research and development to discover new therapies for insulin resistance diseases. Resigned September, 1993. Cofounders are Thomas Glaze, Prof. Jerrold Olefsky (UCSD), and William Usinger.

8/89-9/93 Transtech Medical, Inc. Vice President, Technology Management and Director. Transtech was founded to develop and commercialize research in tissue and organ transplantation without the use of immunosuppression. Resigned as Director and VP September, 1993. Cofounders are Prof. Kent Cochrum (UC-Davis) and Jere Goyan (UC-San Francisco). $500,000 seed financing in October, 1989. Wrote business plan.

4/89-7/91 Thymax Corporation. Director of Theoretical Biology, President and Director. Thymax Corporation was a research and development company whose efforts were focused on a new immune system diagnostic and on producing new therapies for Type II diabetes. Cofounders are Robert Gross, MD, Dr. William Anhalt. $275,000 seed financing May, 1989. Resigned as director in August, 1991. Thymax filed for bankruptcy in December, 1991, and was liquidated in 1992.

3/88-5/90 Paravax, Inc. Director. A venture to develop new vaccines for the prevention of parasitic diseases concentrating on vaccines for companion animals. Cofounders are Lynnor Stevenson, and Prof. Robert Grieve (Colorado State University). Went public in 1997 under the name Heska Corporation (HSKA).

9/86-12/89 Venture Investment Analysis. Sole Proprietor. Analysis of the scientific, technical, commercial and market opportunity for ventures in biological and medical technology. Clients included Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers, New Enterprise Associates, Montgomery Medical Ventures, Charter Venture Management, Oak Investment Management, MIP Equity Fund, Columbine Ventures, Brunswick Corporation, The University of California, Verax Corporation and Health Craft International.

9/88-1/89 Thomas Research Corporation, Hayward, California. A venture to develop novel therapeutics based on trace element metabolism. Founder is Thomas Nufert. Served as Director and briefly as President. Worked to develop TRC's strategic plan. Left company over disagreement with founder about acquisition of technology.

10/87-3/88 Bio 2000, Palo Alto, California. Consultant. A venture to develop new prognostic and diagnostic tests and new prophylactic and therapeutic products for autoimmune disease. The first products are for detection and treatment of diabetes. Founders are Hugh McDevitt, Ken Melmon, Gary Fathman and Steve Brandt of Stanford University. Wrote business plan and participated in strategic planning. Company was merged into Immulogics, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

6/83-5/86 Montgomery Securities, San Francisco, California. Senior Biotechnology Analyst. Member of Health Care Group. Primary responsibility for publicly held medical technology stocks, foreign biological technology stocks and selected major drug companies. Did respected research on impact of genetic engineering and biotechnology on the health care industry.

9/82-6/83 The Remora Fund, Palo Alto, California. General Partner. A fund specializing in medical seed and venture investments.

1/80-8/82 F. Eberstadt & Co., Inc., New York, NY. Vice President, Research Division. Research responsibilities in corporate finance and venture capital. Wrote many studies of industry and leading biotechnology companies. First biotechnology analyst on Wall Street.

Educational Degrees

1977-1978 MA Chemistry, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139 Advisor: Professor Jeremy Knowles
1973-1977 S.B. Chemistry, The College of The University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 60637 Research Advisor: Professor Leon Stock
1970-1973 Maine Township High School South, Park Ridge, Illinois 60068